Switchable PDLC Film

  • Type : Smart Films
  • Material : PDLC Glass
  • Usage : Office, House

Switchable PDLC Film, our newest product. This product is the best option for boosting privacy and beauty because it can modify light transmission. This product is ideal for commercial spaces, homes where privacy, light management, and design are of the utmost significance.

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This innovative film offers complete control over light flow and privacy requirements. Its state-of-the-art design ensures durability and longevity, making it the ultimate investment for your workspace or living area.

  1. An ideal privacy 

Our innovative switchable PDLC film provides a revolutionary experience at the touch of a button. Power on, the glass becomes fully transparent, enabling people to see through it. By turning off the light, the glass will transform into, milky white colour, making it impossible for people to see through

  1. Noise reduction 

The laminated structure reduces sound by up to 32 dB, making it perfect for offices, hospitals, and homes. Protect your health and create a calmer environment with our Noise reduction.

  1. Safety 

This PDLC film is a reliable and effective solution to enhance the safety of your glass surfaces. With its advanced technology, this film ensures that your glass becomes stronger than before even after it’s used.

  1. Block UV and IR 

Keep your home protected from harmful radiation with our cutting-edge Block UV and IR products. Equipped with switchable PDLC film, our products are of green energy-saving material.


Switchable PDLC Film

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