EVA Laminated Smart Glass

  • Type : Laminated Smart Glass
  • Material : Smart Glass
  • Usage : Office, House

Discover the outstanding performance of laminated smart glass, the ideal choice for safety without sacrificing appearance. The glass is adaptable to any space. Our laminated smart glass' has excellent sound absorption and elegant appearance, you may elevate your living space.

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Installing laminated glass in your home or office is a wise investment that adds both beauty and practicality to your surroundings.

  1. Better safety:  Our laminated smart glass makes it almost impossible for an unauthorised person to gain access, even in the event of a break. Trust our product to keep you safe and secure.

  2. Decrease emissions: This product ensures that you can use air conditioning less frequently, leading to a significant reduction in emissions. Trust us to help you make a positive impact on the environment without compromising your comfort.

  3. Safety against disasters: This type of glass is to remain in its frame even during the most intense natural disasters. So whether you're dealing with hurricanes or other volatile weather conditions, laminated glass can serve as a reliable mechanism against potential harm.

  4. Added design options: Customise the laminated glass according to your preferences to give your home a different, modern, or classic look. We offer design alternatives to suit your needs, whether you need glass for residential, commercial, or various other uses.


EVA Laminated Smart Glass

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