3M Films

  • Type : 3M Film
  • Material : Smart Glass
  • Usage : Office, Home

A cutting-edge solution, 3M films can improve tenant comfort, energy efficiency, and general safety and security. You can feel secure knowing that your property is always protected by the way our films are made to prevent glare while maintaining natural light.

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Benefits : 

  1. Conserving energy: Our energy conservation in 3m  glass is designed to provide you with increased energy savings and your tenants with more comfortable.. Trust our products to help you conserve energy and create a more sustainable future.

  2. Enhanced Comfort : Our advanced technology diminishes hot and cold spots, and glare, and enhances security without compromising your space. Our films can elevate your tenants’ experience and keep them loyal for the long run. 

  3. Boost Security: With the dependable and efficient solution from Boost Security, you can increase the safety of your area. In some situations, the risk of injuries or fatalities brought on by flying glass fragments can be reduced with the use of our specialty films.

  4. Redirect Light : The technology behind Redirect Light is based on advanced micro-replication, ensuring optimal light distribution throughout your space. Improve your property's lighting capabilities and attract potential tenants with Redirect Light.


3M Films

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